About project

Project Title:               Restoration of the Neo-Gothic Temple in the parkland of the Krásný Dvůr                                            manorhouse

Program name:          Cultural heritage and contemporary art - program area no. 16

Beneficiaries:             National Heritage Institute

Region:                       Nationwide scope

Project Allocation:     13,073,781 CZK

Start date:                   25. 11. 2014

Date of completion:   April 2017

Project Description:

The project involves a total construction and conservation and restoration in neo-Gothic temple, national monument in the park in Krasny Dvur. It is a unique example of garden architecture, which was designed in 1792 by Count Johann Rudolf Czernin, former owner of the estate. This center is the first case of neo-Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic. The project focuses on a sensitive historical restoration of the building with the greatest respect to the original materials and elements preserved. The project envisages reconstruction of stairways, restoring tiles in the interior, fixing internal wooden ribs, renovated shell lanterns, repairing wooden ribs along the perimeter lanterns are making a copy scenic walkways, repair spindle stairs, with the restoration of the statues and other necessary building interventions and the subsequent installation exhibition on the history of landscape parks and buildings phenomenon of small garden architecture and object to the disclosure to the public not only through inspection of the interior and disclosure prospects, but also through concerts and other social events. Special attention is devoted to the creation of educational programs and conduct educational activities for organized groups of participants from children and young people, from preschoolers to high school students, including a special module for clients of the nearby restrooms.