Restoration of the Neo-Gothic Temple in the parkland of the Krásný Dvůr manorhouse
National Heritage Institute - State chateau Krásný Dvůr

The Neo-Gothic Temple is one of the few buildings garden architecture located in the landscaped park, which is part of the state castle Krásný Dvůr. It is declared as a national cultural monument since 2001 .

The Neo-Gothic Temple is unique construction of landscape architecture in a nationwide context - it is the first neo-gothic building in the Czech Republic and probably also one of the first lookout towers in our territory. The building was designed in 1792 by Count Jan Rudolf Czernin himself, former owner of the manor Krásný Dvůr and the founder of the landscape park. Its implementation started in 1793, the exact date of completion is unknown.

The project of the Neo-Gothic Temple restoration is focused on a responsive historical restoration of the building with the greatest respect to the original materials and elements preserved. After completing the restoration of the Neo-Gothic Temple interior there will be open public exhibition of the landscape parks history and of small garden architecture buildings phenomenon. Besides to the interior tours and making the prospect object will be used for concerts and other social events. The project includes the preparation of educational programs and activities for groups of visitors from among the children and young people, from preschoolers to high school students, with a special module for clients of social facilities.

Renovation work commenced 25th November 2014. Project completion is expected in April 2017.